December 25, 2015

Starting "Fresh"

It took everything in me not to delete everything on this blog and I'm not exactly sure why.  There were some posts that are a little more successful than others so I've kept those.

I think, I just want a do over and I don't want to wait until the new year to get these things going for myself. New Year doesn't come with an automatic do over, so I figure, start fresh when you want, now is the time because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

With that said, there will be new posts: makeup, life-posts, anything that tickles my fancy, pretty much. Also, a cool new layout from I got it for 10 bucks which was basically a steal for this template and I love it a lot more than the one I previously purchased which, was also beautiful but this is soooooooo nice.

I suppose I should be making layouts by now myself but I need to brush up on my web skills. Anywho, Merry Christmas! Have a great new year!

I'm excited for 2016!


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