January 15, 2015

Review: Melt Cosmetics Eyeshadow Stacks


I finally got around to getting all my pictures together for this post! There are tons of pictures on instagram of product swatches and looks of these highly anticipated eyeshadows from Melt Cosmetics! 

Pictured above are both stacks. They are both $48, which makes them pretty pricey but it's actually 12 bucks an eyeshadow which is actually not so unreasonable. However, I do wish that there was the option of buying these separately, I'll get to why later on. My initial impressions of these were:

  • I thought the eyeshadows were about as big as the mirror included with the stack because when they were pictured on the Melt Cosmetics Instagram they seemed that big. 
    • Don't get me wrong though, the eyeshadow pans are large. They're slightly larger (in weight) than Sugarpill eyeshadows which are 3.5 grams. They are dramatically larger than MAC eyeshadows (1.5 grams, WOMP WOMP) in size and in weight, and they are also larger than an Inglot Freedom System shadow at 2.5 grams. The Melt eyeshadows weigh 3.57 grams, so you're getting a lot of product for 12 dollars.
  • The box the stacks came in are quite beautiful. They're matte black and are embossed with the names of the shadows. I wasn't so impressed with the packaging of the actual shadows because when I see the pictures online, the packaging seems to be more high end than it is in real life. They felt cheap and plastic, like something you would expect from a child's makeup play set. 
    • There is a common complaint about the lipstick packaging being cheap as well. Another thing to keep in mind is that I am VERY accustomed to Inglot palettes, they're quite sturdy and heavy and "expensive" feeling (and magnetic as well). That being said, I don't actually mind the packaging feeling "cheap" and plastic because it's SO LIGHT, this is a HUGE PRO over Inglot palettes that can weigh your entire life down. Also, they're not cheap, I've dropped them and they're just fine. So good call Melt ladies!
Almost on to the good stuff!

When these were first announced I decided that I only wanted to buy one stack despite having several dupes for the stack I had initially chosen because I thought that the colors I didn't have were quite unique. I was also VERY underwhelmed by the Dark Matter stack because I thought MEH, neutral shades, I probably have those trifold. Somehow by a miracle of the eyeshadow gods, I ended up receiving both stacks for Three Kings Day (LOL)! 



As you can see…the colors are quite different than what I thought were dupes. My Inglot 439 is more cool in comparison to Promiscuous which seems to be a very interesting duo chrome, with hints of red in it, while 439 has more of a silver undertone to it. Sugarpill's Kitten Parade is a lot more pink than Amelie (random thought: is this shade named after the movie Amelie?! It's one of my favorite movies!) and Inglot's 407 is slightly more orange. Amelie is softer and more subtle than 407. 

When I first saw Fixated during the initial tease session on Melt's instagram, I thought PFFFFFT! I SOOOO HAVE THAT COLOR and boy was I wrong! I thought that Fixated was a dupe for 340 but 340 is a lot more green than Fixated. Fixated seems to be more of a slate grey. I then swatched 389 alongside Fixated and it still didn't turn out to be a dupe. 

Here's a look I did using this stack:

Since I was in Melt theme, I paired it with Darling lipstick (and lined with MAC's Stripdown)

Too much flash =\

Next up, we have the Dark Matter Stack!


Remember when I said I was extremely underwhelmed by Dark Matter? Well Dark Matter shut me the hell up. It was like HI BITCH! You thought I was wack but what do you think about me now? I can't apologize to Dark Matter enough because I am in love with it! I don't have these colors, except for the black of course but even that one is so nice that I don't care that I have a trillion black eyeshadows.

Oh sweet Enigma…that color is phenomenal. It's not brown and it's not red and when you mix it with Dark Matter, pray to the sweet chocolate gods in heaven for making such a beautiful combination.

Of course I went through my stash to find dupes and nope, nothing quite like these shadows. Coastal Scent's Pumpkin Pie is Blurr's jaundiced cousin. Oatmeal Tan from Coastal Scent almost hits the mark with Unseen but it's not as rich in tone and too orange, just like Oktoberfest. Melt ladies…you real did the damn thing with this stack. YAS LAWD!

Here's a look I did using the Dark Matter Stack:

One of my concerns with these shadows was the blending aspect. I love matte shadows but I find them hard to work with sometimes because they don't blend that well and when you do blend them it takes three Hail Mary's. The thing is that these blend like a dream. I did have some slight issues (very slight issues) blending Fixated but not as bad as I have had with other matte shadows.

I had mentioned in the beginning about not being able to buy these separately. This is an issue for me because I can see myself running out of some of these faster than others. If I run out of a shade, I would have to buy a whole new stack to replenish what I've run out of which sucks because I still wouldn't be done using the ones I don't finish. I mean I'm sure it's going to take me a while to run out of 3.57 grams of eyeshadow so I'm not exactly worried yet.

Oh! I almost forgot! These have LONG staying power! I went out one night and slept with my makeup on (I know GROSS but it happens) and I wore my smokey eye the next day (because I did wash around my eyes and did my complexion) without much change and there was some creasing but that creasing didn't happen until 18 hours later…that's not fucking bad at all.

Overall, I give these a 4 out of 5! If you're going to get any of these, DEFINITELY get the DARK MATTER STACK!

Hope this was helpful!

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