September 20, 2014

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Hi guys!

Sleep? What a strange concept.

Soooo incredibly busy! I have finally made some time to breathe and write a little something on here! School is going amazingly well. It's so busy and I hardly get any sleep but I'm learning and that's what matters!

Work...ugh. I'm looking to cut my hours in October. I've had my usual two days off but that isn't exactly working seeing as how I usually have weekdays off, so it's like not having a day off at all! I can't wait for October! 

I haven't had time to upload any favorites videos for August. I think I'll have time to do one this month and hopefully some hair tutorials, if I do everything the way I have planned. Honestly, I haven't even been wearing as much makeup as usual because I don't even have time to look presentable these days! Oh well. 

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