May 07, 2014

YouTube Videos and New Blog Layout! Yay!


So, I haven't posted anything about it but I am now starting to post more videos on YouTube! I have my monthly favorites up for April and I also have a Get Ready With Me. I did film a new one today! Big haul! I'm just upset that I totally and completely forgot to put some of my new Mac products that I bought yesterday like a dud! -_-

Also! I have been trying to do my own blog layout for as long as I remember and unfortunately…I'm not where I need to be to get it! I know some HTML but not enough to take on what I want to do and UNTIL I learn how to do it, I decided to splurge on an Envye template from Wonder Forest! If you guys have absolutely no desire in making a layout then you should definitely look into a Wonder Forest blogger layout because they're super profresh and beautiful and SOOOOO easy to install! Take a look!

Here are my videos:


 photo tw_1.jpg  photo fb_1.jpg  photo ins_1.jpg  photo bl_1.jpg  photo tum_1.jpg  photo gplus_1.jpg  photo pin.jpg  photo yt.jpg