April 06, 2014


Not so long ago, I restarted my collegiate career. On a whim, and thinking about my blog, I decided to go for graphic design. Three semesters in, I started the transfer process and boy, was that process lengthy and annoying. My first choice was to go to FIT and I began to prepare my portfolio for acceptance. I also applied to Purchase College and City Tech.

When I was at BCC, my professor believed that I would undoubtedly be accepted to Purchase. I was unsure about Purchase, there's a certain prestige to FIT, but my professor had such great things to say about Purchase that I really wanted to be accepted. I decided that if I was accepted I would decide then where I truly wanted to go. When the rejection letter from Purchase came I was shocked. I thought I had it in the bag! I remember I initially believed it was from FIT and my heart sunk and then I realized it was from Purchase and I was mildly relieved and yet still disappointed. One of my former classmates, who was also in the transfer process, let me know that she had heard from FIT and that she hadn't been accepted. I was devastated for her and I thought if she didn't get in then how could I? Especially with the rejection letter I had just received. I was also worried because I hadn't heard anything!

I started to doubt myself and my friends assured me that I would get in. I still hadn't heard anything but I was taking it as good sign. At one point, I dreamt that I got in and that was also reassuring but nothing is ever as reassuring as the actual letter. 

Today, while I was at work I got this picture from my sister (without all the bokeh effects of course):

I was so relieved and somehow not surprised. Suddenly not getting into Purchase was not so bad. Sure, going to FIT sets me back because I'm getting put back into an Associate program but I see it as a refresher course and who knows maybe I missed something. I'm happy I can continue on with my education. Things seems to be looking up!

I almost forgot about City Tech. I still haven't heard from them.

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