April 02, 2014

Random Stuff


So it's been an entire two days since I turned 27! Woohoo? Yes, woohoo. It was an eventful weekend but the actual day of my birthday was very well spent with my friends and sisters, it was real fun.

So, the real reason I got on here was to write about how I'm trying to push myself with art. I haven't been designing much but I've been working a lot on my handwork a lot more. About a month ago I bought myself a One Sketch a Day Visual Journal and for the most part I've been drawing something everyday. I've noticed that I'm having trouble thinking of concepts on my own and so I look for inspiration on Instagram and there are so many wonderful artists. I do intend on working on my digital art because I'm way out of practice, the last time I made something was in January for my FIT portfolio. I'm still waiting to hear from them and I hope with all my heart that I got in.

Here's some stuff I drew:

I'm almost a month again and I'm glad that I've been keeping up with it. I'll most likely  post more things like this! 

Oh…I almost forgot! I also ordered some of these:

I hadn't actually heard about these pencils before but apparently they're pretty well know by artists and writers. A box of 12 is about $22-$23, so I went on Amazon and found a sampler pack and I can't wait to get it. For the most part, I use a mechanical pencil but I wanted to see what the fuss was about. A cool thing about this pencil is that the eraser is replaceable. I'll let you guys know what I think!


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