February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day…

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! A WHOLE DAY late!

I have been absolutely missing in action. 

I am planning on coming back around and writing and creating to my heart's content. What's funny though is that I felt anxious writing this post. I love my blog, I really do, but there are certain elements that I can't seem to get around. I'm not sure of it's because I'm getting older (ha) and I'm too dumb to comprehend but there seems to be a blockage, I can't quite get around. It's all technical of course but hopefully I'll be able to solve that! 

There are a lot of things I have been wanting to write about and create content on but haven't had the time. I finished my Associates back in December and then immediately went on vacation but the thing about vacation is that you don't actually get to rest. I came home and went back to work and finally got into the swing of things, well, for the most part. Anyway, suddenly it's the middle of February, I've finished up with Fashion Week, actually got to do a show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and I finished my last transfer application to get my BFA in Graphic Design. All that is in the works and now I have some free time! 

See ya soon!

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