March 14, 2014

Inglot Bright and Matte Lipstick!


Recently, Inglot came out with a new variety of matte lipstick colors. Inglot has had a line of matte colors since they launched their line in the states back in '08. I did a review a while back and if you want to read that, click here: Inglot Matte Lipsticks.

I really enjoy the matte lipsticks from Inglot because at the end of the day they're not nearly as drying as other brands. Though through testing these new shades out, I felt that the brighter colors are a bit more drying than the more "normal" colored ones. Two of these new colors are bright, the other three are on the darker side but there's nothing with that as they are all lovely shades.

These are all numbered, no names, which isn't all that bad to me, but there seems to be a consensus that this is annoying since everyone is use to makeup with names and not numbers but to each his own. If you already didn't know if you want a matte lipstick from Inglot, you will definitely have to hit the 400's, anything that is a lipstick and is a 400 number is matte. 

So here we are:

422: This is Inglot's 282 lipstick in a matte finish. It's a very lovely shade of purple. I have compared it to Melt's By Starlight. 422 is a shade lighter in comparison but when I apply it, it appears to me to be more purple than By Starlight on the lips (not the swatch). There has been some talk about Melt's lipsticks being a sham, due to swatch photos not showing their true colors, since they are usually paired with MAC lipliners. I myself, don't see this as a problem, since let's be honest, the average makeup junkie WILL mix their lipstick to get the shade they want, otherwise why would we have so many different products? If you're unhappy with your By Starlight, I definitely recommend this shade because it looks more purple on the lips.

423: I would say this shade is Inglot's version of Candy Yum Yum. I don't personally own Candy Yum Yum but I have seen it compared to Melt's Stupid Love and I have that so, I've swatched it along with Stupid Love and Barry M's 52 Lip Paint. You can see from my swatches above that 423 is more dull in comparison to both but when worn on the lips, they appear to be quite similar. I quite prefer Barry M and Melt over Inglot on this one. 

424: Is a bright orange shade. I don't have anything to compare it to but I do believe that Melt's Bang Bang looks similar to it. I also want to compare it to MAC's Lady Danger but when I found swatches online, I noticed that it's more of a red color with an orange undertone. 424 is more orange.

425: Is one of those colors your grandmother buys and you overlook but once you try it you realize grandma has a keen eye. This color is a dark pink/peach concoction. The closest shade I've got to swatch it with is Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense Mat 4 but that shade is more on the peach side and 425 is more on the pink side. 

426: This is a dark berry color with purple/burgundy undertones. This is probably the most unique shade that was launched with this new collection and I only say this because I don't have a die for it, or so I think. 

In all, these shades aren't anything out of this world and I'm only saying this because I found dupes for most of them. If you already have something similar to anything I mentioned above then I honestly don't believe you're missing out but if you don't have anything like anything I mentioned above, then these are great because they're only $12.00 each. The most drying ones are 422 and 423 but if you apply a lip balm 15 minutes before you apply the lipstick, they wear much longer and don't have that icky dry feeling.

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