November 20, 2013

FAB FINDS: Nanacoco Nail Polish


I was going to mention how busy I've been but I'll dedicate that to another post! Today, after class I went to the beauty supply store because I wanted to buy the toner my beautiful, sweet baby Stephanie (@StephhShadyy) recommended to me 5 weeks ago. I bought the wrong one of course (lol) but it's ok! The beauty supply store in my neighborhood has had a makeover and I enjoy it more now because I feel like they carry more things I find interesting…including today's fabulous find Nanacoco Nail Polish!

I went to look because the sign behind said something about sparkles and then I saw this:

Initially, I saw Shu Cream and thought it was the same kind of nail polish that Revlon sells that everyone was going insane over (I bought one named Whimsical) except that Nanacoco has a bigger variety. There was a pink one, a blue one (similar to the one from Revlon), the cream one, and one more but I can't remember the color. Then I saw dupes to Sephora's new line (Formula X for Sephora) and I had to grab White Witch. I might have to go back to the white one because that one is just as nice. Here's proof that they're practically identical:


Overall, they're pretty awesome, they do take a while to dry, so have some quick-dry drops and/or a fast trying top coat on you! I've held on to this last bit of information until now because well I thought it was awesome…this nail polish was only $1.99! Yes! Awesome. The Formula X nail polishes go for $12.50, Nanacoco nail polishes are AMAZING dupes for these, just throwing that out there for you! 

On the downside, the only reason I found these were because they were in my beauty supply store and since they're not very well known I'm not sure that they're that readily available in other areas. I did some research and found this website: Nanacoco Inc where you can browse the catalog and order by phone. 

Hope that helps!

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