September 13, 2013

Make Up for Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick and Em Cosmetics


Oh my goodness! It's almost mid September! I'm about two weeks into school and ALREADY I've been too busy to update :( BOO! I know! However, it is not due to lack of inspiration! I had a couple of items I wanted to "review." I say "review" because I haven't quite used these items a lot but I've already formed some opinions. The thing about me is that I will absolutely HATE a product and use it again and then love it. I'm a very strange girl, what can I say?

First up, is the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in Mat. 4. I LOVE this color. LOOOOOOVE it. I think it's a little pumpkin but not quite so orange. It has a tinge of pink to it. I think it's perfect for Fall and also perfect for every day wear, like if you're going to the supermarket or something. I was actually wearing it in my modeling post. I dabbed it on so that it wouldn't look so heavy although I do love wearing it opaque. 

It has a matte texture and I have got to say, for a matte lipstick it is AMAZING. What I mean is, that the texture although matte is not drying at all. I was very surprised. I usually expect that dry-my-lips-need-to-be-quenched feeling from matte lipsticks 3-4 hours into wearing it but surprisingly enough, I didn't feel that way at all...AT ALL! It's matte so, as expected, the longevity is good though that's not really an issue for me. It retails at $20.00 at Sephora. 

Next up, I have Em Cosmetics.

Hm...what can I say? Alright, I was extremely excited about these products because, hello, Michelle Phan, Makeup Guru extraordinaire is backing this brand. Em Cosmetics just recently launched and offers Life Palettes (palettes tailored to specific events in your life) and they have been offering a few deals. One of these deals, which is the one I grabbed at, was the get one lipstick and one liner and get a free deluxe palette for under $30.00. I did my research and got the Creamy Color Classic Lipstick in Kiss Me! and Waterliner in Black Night and I received a deluxe Life Palette in Look 1 (Warm Fuzzies) of the Love Life Palette.

You don't actually get everything in the look, which, I was a little sad about but it's totally okay because you get three eyeshadow and one of the lip glosses.

I really like the eyeshadow. It's smooth and buttery, they're not extremely pigmented but they're not rip-offs either. I found that the shadows with pearl (satin) finishes were more pigmented than the shades with a sparkle and a slight pearl/satin finish. In this case, Puppies & Kittens and Teal Rain were more pigmented than Springtime. My favorite of the three was Puppies and Kittens, you can wear it alone and it works well by itself. Someone mentioned to me to expect fallout with these eyeshadow but I expect fallout from any eyeshadow so, if you don't like fallout, buy shadow shields or don't pack so much eyeshadow onto your brush or do your eyes first. I also find that pearl/satin eyeshadows tend to have more fallout than matte and semi-matte eyeshadows. 

This here, is Melon. I love Melon. I think Melon is beautiful. It's sheer but still adds a beautiful hue of pink over the lips. It's also very moisturizing and not sticky at all. It does have some sparkle but it's not overwhelming at all and you can't feel the glitter/shimmer on your lips. 

This is the product that I was most surprised about. I didn't love it (this might be a different case because as I mentioned before I change my mind frequently) but let me tell you why. Below, is Kiss Me! when it arrived.

This is the Kiss Me! I expected :(
Look, I know buying makeup on the internet is a gamble because you can't see the shades in person but I think that the difference between the swatch online and the actual lipstick is quite drastic. I have a red lipstick not an orange lipstick and yes, orange and red are in the same family but I think they're different. Am I crazy? Do you guys think it's the same color? I was so looking forward to the swatched shade. Oh well! 

The lipstick is moisturizing, it doesn't have a distinct smell, which is okay I guess, I don't mind scents. Since it is creamy, I didn't expect for it to be very long lasting, again, this isn't an issue for me because I am totally for reapplying lipstick but I didn't really like how it wore down. I guess it's because I wanted an orange/coral lipstick and it's red and red doesn't really wear down nicely on me. This lipstick retails at $16.50.

Last but not least I present Waterliner in Black Night. I wasn't disappointed by it but I wasn't necessarily impressed either. For the most part, it did stay on my waterline (which is its purpose) pretty well. I had another comment that the liner flakes off after 6 hours. I'm not sure whether it was this liner or not but I think 6 hours of wear from a liner is pretty decent if you ask me. However, I didn't wear it on my eyelid, I wore it on my waterline and it stayed on for about 6 hours before I had to reapply and even then I still had some left. It isn't as black as I wanted it to be but I don't mind because sometimes I like going for a softer look. It retails at $20.00 which is expensive for a decent eyeliner. 

That's all for now! Hope you guys found this helpful! Until next time my sweet little dragon hearts!

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