August 26, 2013

Getting Caught Up in Numbers: Blogger Friends/Followers

Be honest, how often do you glance at your GFC count or your Instagram count or Twitter count and wish that the number increased? I'm not going to lie, I do.

There seems to be this idea perpetuated throughout the internet and social media networks that the more followers you get, the more successful you are. In a way it is. This means more people are reading your words or looking at your pictures. I started my blog 3 years ago and I have yet to break 100 on my GFC count and that's okay. I remember first starting out and thinking "how do these new bloggers get all these followers?" I thought that I was being antisocial and not reaching out enough to other bloggers.

Often, I see linkups. These give you the opportunity to linkup your blog with other bloggers in order for them an others to see your blogs. Initially, I loved this idea! I loved the idea of being able to go read new content and make new friends! You go and abide by some rules, like following all the hosts and co-hosts of these linkups and leaving them comments so that they can follow you back. At some point, I realized that some of these people who were hosting and putting these rules weren't actually following me back or had not even bothered to leave me a comment. I'm not telling you that I'm desperate for followers but I go and I follow these people hoping that they'd take the moment to look through my content just as I did for them.

I take a lot of pride in what I post here. I don't just post filler posts on here. I think about what I want to write, I think about the pictures I want to post, I think about my blog layout and how people will respond to it. I want people to come on here and enjoy what I'm doing because I enjoy doing it for you and me. I enjoy linkups because I get to go and see new blogs and if I were to host one ever, I wouldn't have to make one of the "rules" to follow me. You're absolutely entitled to not like any of my posts, as I am entitled not to like any of yours. I actually do go and read people's posts and I let them know that I found them through a linkup, if they want to go ahead and follow me back because they enjoy what I wrote...well then awesome!

Another thing that perplexes me are giveaways. I think giveaways should be for those that are loyal to you, not for some random person that makes a giveaway account to score some free stuff. That's not fair at all and another thing that ticks me off is when giveaways are used as a tactic to acquire new followers...that's just as bad as buying followers. Yes, you can have giveaways, it's awesome to reward your readers/followers but don't use them just to get followers because chances are most people who enter your giveaways will unfollow you once the giveaways are done which, sucks but is the norm.

What do you guys think?

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