August 22, 2013

3 New Skincare Products I Love!

3 New Skincare Products I love!

I just wanted to share some new skincare products I LOVE! I've heard about Skyn Iceland before, while I was working at Sephora but the line got pulled long before I was able to try it. I was recently reintroduced to the line by my coworker, Kat. She actually has several of the products and she brought it in one time when we both opened so that I could experience the amazingness...I was in love by the time I put on the moisturizer.

The reason I like Skyn Iceland so much is because it's for stressed skin and I'm stressed ALL the time. It looks like really soon I'm going to be even more stressed out so, I think I'm going to splurge and treat myself to the moisturizer.

The first of these products is the Glacial Face Wash with White Willow Bark. This is great for me and for anyone who has acne or even the occasional blemish because White Willow Bark has salicylic acid which is a known fighter of acne! *kicks acne* There are lots more benefits to this cleanser, for example, the Icelandic kelp helps calm irritation and cylindrical seed oil helps fight free radicals, basically that means that the oil helps your skin not produce damaged cells.

The second of these products is basically the Glacial Face Wash in wipes and have cucumber extract in them, they're called Glacial Cleansing Cloths. I love these wipes because they really remove every ounce of makeup, they smell heavenly, and best of all YOU DON'T HAVE TO RINSE AFTER YOU USE IT!!! Listen, there are days when I just can't bear the thought of washing the makeup off my face and these wipes are the solution to those nights. All my lazy dreams have come true!
The final of these three products is the Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion with Icelandic Kelp and White Willow Bark. Along with the benefits mentioned above from the Glacial Face Wash, this moisturizer has a mint extract that leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh, this helps microcirculation to minimize redness. I just love how it feels. I need this moisturizer in my life.
Another added bonus is that the ingredients are from Iceland and it makes me feel closer to Björk and her country! I'm a huuuuge fan of Björk! Haha!
I also wanted to share that I've started using Polyvore and that's how I made the collage up top! If you guys want to follow me here's the link: CLICK ME! Also, I totally recommend using this site for making images like the one I made above to add some pizazz to your blogs or sites! ^_^
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