June 11, 2013

Three Day Cardiac Diet

I have been struggling with weight loss ever since I could remember. That's sad isn't it? Anyway, now that I'm actually overweight, I wanted to take the time during my school break to put all the effort I can into losing weight and being more health conscious. Usually, I steer clear of fad diets because I suck at them and because sometimes they're more damaging than anything but a couple of weeks ago, my mother and sister both tried this "cardiac diet" and lost some weight. When they were doing it, I was not in the mind set but this weekend I decided to give it a try in order to jump start my weight loss and also so that I would be motivated to keep going.

Basically, you follow the three day eating plan, you cannot make substitutions and you can add salt and pepper to your food to add flavor but that's it! Nothing else. 

Here's the meal plan:
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I was probably really hungry the third and last day but it wasn't that bad and then the last meal for the day makes you so full anyway that it doesn't matter afterwards.

One of the things that made me happy about this diet was that I could eat ice cream!

Did I have results? YES! 

When I started on Saturday, I weighed 162 pounds, and today I weigh 157 pounds. So that's a five pound weight loss, which is not bad for just three days. Now the thing is continuing on and I'm going to. If I could resist having a drink at a bar, I think that I'm very capable of continuing and having self-restraint. I just need to get my butt to the gym!


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