April 09, 2013

Bleached Brow Envy


So, I'm officially 26 years old, I am currently typing this as I enjoy a Lush Fresh Face Mask in Cupcake, so I guess you can tell how I feel about turning another year older! Haha.

On to business!

On my birthday, the renowned makeup artist, Ve Neill, taught a master class at the INGLOT artist studio down in Chelsea Market. I was hungover from the previous night's festivities and had made plans with my sisters to have my birthday dinner, so sadly, I could not attend. It was a great opportunity and whoever was able to attend was super lucky! My coworkers did go and oh my Jesus...they were posting pictures on their Instagrams of Ve Neill bleaching their eyebrows.

Initially, I didn't think anything of it, I was at my sister's home browsing pictures and thought nothing of it. Then I got a whole lot of this:

Beautiful brows and then sexy-you-can-do-whatever-you-want-with-brows!


Kelsy's gorgeous blonde gradient brows.


They did it to me...they made me all green with bleached brow envy. There I was, fawning over their brows and then I went to CVS and bought myself a facial bleaching kit. Bleaching kits for the face (I learned), do not dramatically lighten eyebrows, oh they'll bleach your mustache right off but not your eyebrows. I bleached my brows three times for about an hour each time, in one day. I know that's insane but I NEEDED the bleached brow and alas:

I wanted them as light as Steph's but my wimpy bleach kit only bleached them this light after the third time and at that point I didn't want to continue to cook the skin around my brow. Kelsy also filled me in later and told me that they actually used hair developer (yes the kind you use on your head). Now I know for future reference. The thing is, after a few days of my bleached brow-ness, I realized that I actually HATE them. Haha. The thing is I can usually walk out of my house with no makeup on but I can't do that now with eyebrows that have disappeared. I look sickly and pale and you might think I don't look so bad in the picture above but I actually have foundation on...I didn't set myself up so bad on here lol.

One brow done, one not.

Up close, filled in bleached brow and a glimpse of the naked brow.
I might bleach them one more time just to absolutely make sure that I absolutely hate these brows. I think that I actually look better with much darker brows but that might be because I'm used to it.

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