February 08, 2013

How to Help Your Skin Clear Up

My skin's been acting up for the past few weeks and unsightly blemishes have been appearing on my face :(. I'm not sure if it's the weather or stress or what it could be but I have been taking a few steps to help my skin clear up, these are things that I've done before and that have worked for me in the past (and are working for me now). Hopefully, they help anyone who's skin is giving them a hard time!

1. Drink lots of water! Not only does water help you lose weight (by suppressing your appetite and having no calories!) but it also helps clear up the skin. Drinking lots of water is important anyway, so help your skin (and body) out by increasing your water intake!

2. Stop looking at your phone already and get your butt to sleep! These days we all don't get the amount of rest we need. Getting a proper amount of sleep helps your body maintain a good immune system and a good immune system will help fight off bacteria that causes acne in the first get to sleeping!

3. Wash that makeup off! Nothing is worse than falling asleep with your makeup on! You're just asking for comedones to start up in your pores! Wash it allllll off and let your skin breathe at night!

4. Exfoliate! Help those dead skin cells get off your face! Remember twice a week and no more than that! You just have to help your skin do what it's already doing but don't overdo it because then you're just hurting your skin. If you've got a clarisonic or something similar to it, use it once or twice a week too and not at the same time that you're exfoliating!

5. Moisturize and wear SPF! Nothing makes me more sad than when I my clients tell me that they either use body lotion to moisturize, that they don't have an SPF in their moisturizer, and/or that they don't moisturize at all. ;'( WHY? WHYYY?

Yes technically your face is part of your body but your face is way more delicate than your body! The extra richness of a body lotion can cause you to breakout!

No SPF?! Did you guys know that the sun is the number one reason we get wrinkles? On top of that if you're using any products that contain AHA/BHA, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, basically anything to treat acne it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. Usually, dermatologists recommend you use SPF with these products to help protect your skin from more irritation, so USE it!

No moisturizer?! :'( When you don't moisturize your skin overcompensates for the lack of moisture by overproducing oil and this can cause breakouts. Please moisturize!

6. As much as you'd like to get rid of it, don't pick at it! Picking at your blemishes can cause bacteria to spread and give you more blemishes and leave scars. Don't do it or you might end up like Meg down there!

Hope these little tips help and if you've got any other tips please share them with me! ^_^

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