November 20, 2013

FAB FINDS: Nanacoco Nail Polish


I was going to mention how busy I've been but I'll dedicate that to another post! Today, after class I went to the beauty supply store because I wanted to buy the toner my beautiful, sweet baby Stephanie (@StephhShadyy) recommended to me 5 weeks ago. I bought the wrong one of course (lol) but it's ok! The beauty supply store in my neighborhood has had a makeover and I enjoy it more now because I feel like they carry more things I find interesting…including today's fabulous find Nanacoco Nail Polish!

I went to look because the sign behind said something about sparkles and then I saw this:

Initially, I saw Shu Cream and thought it was the same kind of nail polish that Revlon sells that everyone was going insane over (I bought one named Whimsical) except that Nanacoco has a bigger variety. There was a pink one, a blue one (similar to the one from Revlon), the cream one, and one more but I can't remember the color. Then I saw dupes to Sephora's new line (Formula X for Sephora) and I had to grab White Witch. I might have to go back to the white one because that one is just as nice. Here's proof that they're practically identical:


Overall, they're pretty awesome, they do take a while to dry, so have some quick-dry drops and/or a fast trying top coat on you! I've held on to this last bit of information until now because well I thought it was awesome…this nail polish was only $1.99! Yes! Awesome. The Formula X nail polishes go for $12.50, Nanacoco nail polishes are AMAZING dupes for these, just throwing that out there for you! 

On the downside, the only reason I found these were because they were in my beauty supply store and since they're not very well known I'm not sure that they're that readily available in other areas. I did some research and found this website: Nanacoco Inc where you can browse the catalog and order by phone. 

Hope that helps!


November 03, 2013

Formula X for Sephora Nail Polish in Monumental


So let's get one thing out of the way...I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS BUSY IN MY LIFE! In fact, I feel as though I don't have a life with school and work and work and school! December is right around the corner and now everything is starting to bunch up together. 

This last week the stress from trying to keep up with work and school and having a minor hiccup in my amorous life have left me sick -_-. I actually didn't go to school for a few days. I just stayed in bed and let myself try to heal, I don't feel 100 percent just yet but now is not the time to slack off. 

I went to Sephora after work yesterday to cheer myself up! I picked up two items, the Illamasqua Skin Base Lift in Light 2 and Sephora's new nail polish by Formula X in Monumental. Now I'm not sure if you all know that before Formula X, Sephora's resident nail polish were made by OPI and personally I thought they sucked. The colors were pretty but the quality of the formula lacked, they were OPI but not really OPI because they were made for Sephora. It seems that Sephora realized this and it looks like the Sephora by OPI collection is no more. I know a couple of months ago all the nail polishes were $5.00 and flying off the shelves. I thought maybe they were reformulating but no it seems that they switched manufacturer and boy what a change.

I myself have never heard of Formula X but I saw some of the nail polishes when I first walked in and thought "oh how nice," walked over to their gondola and my eyes grew bigger. I'm not a huge fan of doing my nails myself because honestly, I think I'm no good at it but now that I'm forced at work to have neat nails well...I have no choice. I do love having fresh manicures but for me it's just a hassle because I have no time for the most part. 

I was looking for a color similar to Zoya's Jacquline that my baby love Stephanie has but it's definitely not the same at all. Jacqueline is still a shade lighter and more bone colored. Monumental is very similar to Inglot's 874 nail enamel, however, 874 is a but more sheer.

After applying, Monumental, I saw that just one coat had pretty good coverage. Two coats and you've got a beautiful even color. The formula is a little on the thick side but it was still manageable for me even though I'm a nail polish klutz. I topped it off with Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat, which I received as a 100 point perk.

Two days later here's the verdict:

There's some chipping. Not a lot, just very little around the edges. I'm not exactly sure if this is because of the top coat that I used or if it's the nail polish itself. One thing I do have to mention is that I did deal with turpenoid (because I was painting) and boxes (because I had to bring stock into my store) over the last two days. That could also explain the chipping. However, it's not an embarrassing amount of chipping, so I can still wear my nail polish for maybe another day. Something else I'd like to mention is that the this Julep top coat really makes my nails shiny, even after two days and that's pretty impressive to me. 

COST (3/5): This particular range (New Neutrals) retails at $10.50. I suppose this is expensive considering that OPI sells at $9.00 and Essie at $8.00.

LONGEVITY: (2/5) 2 DAYS This for me is a deal breaker. I want my manicure to last at least five days. Then again, there were some factors involved that could've caused chipping. 

COLOR (4/5): This is a very lovely shade. Easy to pull off and flattering on several skin tones. I gave it a 4 because I already own something like this.

FORMULA (4/5): A bit on the thick side but mostly easy to work with and one coat was not streaky as colors like these tend to be. 

That is a 65% out of still passing! Ha! 

Hope you guys found this helpful! 

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