August 28, 2013

Good Luck!

The first day of class has come and gone and I'm already dreading all the work I have to do that hasn't even been assigned to me yet! I'm happy though! I know this last semester at BCC is going to be intense but well worth it.

My goal for myself, as it has been every semester, is to get all As. Ambitious? Yes but my own expectations are highly outrageous and I know that with a lot of dedication, I can do it. 

Last semester, as I have mentioned before, was intense for me as well and I got one B+ :( It's okay though! That was my lenient semester!! 

I just want to wish all of you who began this semester good luck on all your classes! Take a water bottle to class and stay hydrated, get your work done, allow yourself at least one hour of fun a day, and enjoy it while you can! I'm jealous of all of you that get to experience this in your early twenties! 


August 27, 2013

Beauty News: Melt Cosmetics Introduces D.G.A.F.

If you're a fan of Lora Arellano, better known as @loreleicakes on Instagram, and Dana Bomar (@danabomar), you'll be delighted to know that their matte lipstick line, Melt Cosmetics, is expanding with this sultry navy blue color!

I'm sure some of you will find D.G.A.F. (the name of this shade of blue) unwearable but it's actually not that difficult to pull off. You can pair it with a cat eye or even a brown smoky eye for a sultry evening look.

I'm definitely into this! I also want their Summer lipstick to add to my small Melt collection! 

What do you guys think?


August 26, 2013

Getting Caught Up in Numbers: Blogger Friends/Followers

Be honest, how often do you glance at your GFC count or your Instagram count or Twitter count and wish that the number increased? I'm not going to lie, I do.

There seems to be this idea perpetuated throughout the internet and social media networks that the more followers you get, the more successful you are. In a way it is. This means more people are reading your words or looking at your pictures. I started my blog 3 years ago and I have yet to break 100 on my GFC count and that's okay. I remember first starting out and thinking "how do these new bloggers get all these followers?" I thought that I was being antisocial and not reaching out enough to other bloggers.

Often, I see linkups. These give you the opportunity to linkup your blog with other bloggers in order for them an others to see your blogs. Initially, I loved this idea! I loved the idea of being able to go read new content and make new friends! You go and abide by some rules, like following all the hosts and co-hosts of these linkups and leaving them comments so that they can follow you back. At some point, I realized that some of these people who were hosting and putting these rules weren't actually following me back or had not even bothered to leave me a comment. I'm not telling you that I'm desperate for followers but I go and I follow these people hoping that they'd take the moment to look through my content just as I did for them.

I take a lot of pride in what I post here. I don't just post filler posts on here. I think about what I want to write, I think about the pictures I want to post, I think about my blog layout and how people will respond to it. I want people to come on here and enjoy what I'm doing because I enjoy doing it for you and me. I enjoy linkups because I get to go and see new blogs and if I were to host one ever, I wouldn't have to make one of the "rules" to follow me. You're absolutely entitled to not like any of my posts, as I am entitled not to like any of yours. I actually do go and read people's posts and I let them know that I found them through a linkup, if they want to go ahead and follow me back because they enjoy what I wrote...well then awesome!

Another thing that perplexes me are giveaways. I think giveaways should be for those that are loyal to you, not for some random person that makes a giveaway account to score some free stuff. That's not fair at all and another thing that ticks me off is when giveaways are used as a tactic to acquire new followers...that's just as bad as buying followers. Yes, you can have giveaways, it's awesome to reward your readers/followers but don't use them just to get followers because chances are most people who enter your giveaways will unfollow you once the giveaways are done which, sucks but is the norm.

What do you guys think?


August 23, 2013

SwatchFest: Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette


I have some fun stuff for you guys today! First of all, I just want to point out how FAST this palette got to me! I ordered it on Saturday and it got here yesterday. That was quite quick!

I have been waiting for this palette since it was first advertised, I believe many months ago, and now it's finally mine (insert evil cackle here)!!!

This is Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette. It is a collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, the designer of A is for Arsenic.

Isn't she lovely? Cold Chemistry retails at $34.00.

Initially, I believed the palette to be thinner, but it's a little wider than I expected it to be. I thought the shadows were smaller than all the other Sugarpill pressed shadows but I was pleasantly incorrect. The size of the eyeshadow pans are the same size of the regular pressed eyeshadows. You don't have to buy the palette if you don't want to, you can also buy the shades individually for $12.00 each.

The Beauties!

[[NOTE]]: This is the only shadow from this collection that is NOT vegan.

Swatched! (Flash)

Sugarpill is know for their intense and bright eyeshadows. For the most part, all the other shadows are matte (I believe the only exception is @#$%! and that shadow is matte red with sparkle, if I'm not mistaken). These particular four shadows have a pearl sheen. I personally love a pearl sheen, I think they're easier to blend but Sugarpill shadows are amazing anyway so I'm not surprised. These swatched like butter! They were so smooth and easy to apply and amazingly pigmented. I am not disappoint! 

I feel that for the not totally adventurous this is a good set of shadows to dive into with Sugarpill. I absolutely believe that these colors aren't too out there and can be worn to work. However, if brown and shades of beige are your everyday selection than these might be too intense for you. I don't know but apparently purples and greens are everyday colors for me haha! 

I can't wait to try these on my eyeballs! <3

You've done it again Sugarpill! Now, I can't wait for Sparkle Baby!


August 22, 2013

3 New Skincare Products I Love!

3 New Skincare Products I love!

I just wanted to share some new skincare products I LOVE! I've heard about Skyn Iceland before, while I was working at Sephora but the line got pulled long before I was able to try it. I was recently reintroduced to the line by my coworker, Kat. She actually has several of the products and she brought it in one time when we both opened so that I could experience the amazingness...I was in love by the time I put on the moisturizer.

The reason I like Skyn Iceland so much is because it's for stressed skin and I'm stressed ALL the time. It looks like really soon I'm going to be even more stressed out so, I think I'm going to splurge and treat myself to the moisturizer.

The first of these products is the Glacial Face Wash with White Willow Bark. This is great for me and for anyone who has acne or even the occasional blemish because White Willow Bark has salicylic acid which is a known fighter of acne! *kicks acne* There are lots more benefits to this cleanser, for example, the Icelandic kelp helps calm irritation and cylindrical seed oil helps fight free radicals, basically that means that the oil helps your skin not produce damaged cells.

The second of these products is basically the Glacial Face Wash in wipes and have cucumber extract in them, they're called Glacial Cleansing Cloths. I love these wipes because they really remove every ounce of makeup, they smell heavenly, and best of all YOU DON'T HAVE TO RINSE AFTER YOU USE IT!!! Listen, there are days when I just can't bear the thought of washing the makeup off my face and these wipes are the solution to those nights. All my lazy dreams have come true!
The final of these three products is the Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion with Icelandic Kelp and White Willow Bark. Along with the benefits mentioned above from the Glacial Face Wash, this moisturizer has a mint extract that leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh, this helps microcirculation to minimize redness. I just love how it feels. I need this moisturizer in my life.
Another added bonus is that the ingredients are from Iceland and it makes me feel closer to Björk and her country! I'm a huuuuge fan of Björk! Haha!
I also wanted to share that I've started using Polyvore and that's how I made the collage up top! If you guys want to follow me here's the link: CLICK ME! Also, I totally recommend using this site for making images like the one I made above to add some pizazz to your blogs or sites! ^_^

August 16, 2013

Beauty News!

I haven't written a review or posted a look in a while but here's some beauty news!

The Life Palette
I don't know if you all follow Michelle Phan, but she's just about the biggest YouTube Beauty "Guru." Today she launched her own makeup line, Em Cosmetics, and no I haven't bought anything yet but I might. I did go and look at some stuff. So far it looks cute. I thought it was customizable, the way that Inglot is customizable but it's actually not. You can buy Life Palettes, which are palettes with four different looks for a certain occasion or life situation (for example, there is a Beach Life Palette and a Career Life Palette) and you can pop out the lip colors, eye colors, and blush colors into a smaller palette to carry around with you. You can also just buy eyeshadow palettes or lip color palettes.

Em Cosmetics also carries CC creams, a powder foundation, highlighters, a concealer palette (which I am very interested in), lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and a contour and highlighting pencil. I've also watched some of the videos that are posted to show how to wear the makeup and so far I've noticed that the liquid liners that Michelle uses aren't available. I'm not sure if they will be released later on but I'll keep a lookout since I'm obsessed with gel and liquid liners.

The Great Cover Up Concealer 

 The Shade Play Concealer Palette (won't be released until October)
Onto other Beauty News, Sephora has just announced a new level of membership with their Beauty Insider reward program: VIB ROUGE. If you spend $1,000 in a calendar year, you can become a VIB Rouge, this is a step above a VIB. 

I think my favorite perk for VIB Rouge is definitely FREE SHIPPING. That's amazing. That's it for Beauty News!


August 14, 2013

Dabbling in Photography

As I mentioned to you in my previous post, I'm just about to enter my last semester at BCC for my Associates in Digital Arts! Last semester was when I went full throttle on art classes. I was only taking art! I wanted to share some of the photography I did for my class. You can totally tell how much I learned by the end of the class! So here's some of my work! ^_^

This was the first assignment! Very bleh.

This assignment had to do with value and contrast. This is probably the one I really don't like.

This one was about textures. This one is one of my favorites.



Toys and Color. I love this one! There's also some rule of thirds going on here.

Lines. Also one of my favorites.

A self-portrait. It was totally awkward shooting myself in front of my classmates. I'm so used to taking pictures of myself by myself, which, is why I look like a total derp!

A portrait of someone else. This is my nephew Matthew.

This was an assignment on emphasis.

I love this picture. This one had to do with rhythm and repetition.

These final ones were our final project. We had to shoot around campus. I think I took pictures for about a week and it wasn't until the last two days that I actually got anything good. I also felt weird shooting people because let's face it we're all very particular about being photographed so, I just shot things I thought were pretty.

I love this one.

I love this one too!

I shot inside the new library in school. I am so absolutely in love with it.

That's all! 

I haven't really been taking any pictures lately although I think I should. I love taking pictures. I usually take them of myself and those are fun because I'm so absolutely obsessed with myself (haha) but I also like shooting different things. There's something fantastical about shooting ordinary things and making them look not so ordinary. Hope you enjoyed!



Hi guys!

In case you didn't know I am currently re-enrolled in school and am going to start my final semester in a few weeks at my community college to get my Associates Degree in Digital Arts in the Graphic Design option (what a mouthful!).  I'm very happy that last year I accidentally and almost reluctantly went back to school after a five year hiatus. I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Last February I filled out an application to be readmitted into my old college (Hunter College), I found out later that year that my request was denied. I was very disappointed and unhappy and felt like a failure. I didn't think much about it but I received an e-mail from the Bronx Community College in May to enroll and I totally ignored it because how could I, Elba Lopez, go back to a community college? How preposterous! Months went by and my work situation became worse. I was feeling burnt out, my position was taken away from me (due to relocation), and I was basically a sitting duck in my company's studio space. On August 10th, I received another e-mail from the ever persistent Bronx Community College about being able to register on August 15th and there I was, at work, frustrated because I felt like nothing was going well, I felt like I was dying creatively and that there was nothing going on in my life and so I said, what the hell? I spoke to my boss and told him that I wouldn't be able to make it on the 15th.

I went and I had all these credits towards a Liberal Arts degree and I kept thinking what the hell am I going to do with a Liberal Arts degree? Before I spoke to a counselor to register for classes, I skimmed through the degree options and found Digital Art and I thought about how much I have always wanted to get better at Photoshop and be able to do things to my blog and I thought it was a sign from the Lord!  I went in, I told the counselor that I wanted to change my major and that was that. I lost a few credits because they didn't fit into my degree but that was okay. I told myself that I would take a year and half to get out of there as quickly as possible and then go to a "real" school.

My first semester was rough. I was going to school six days a week and working full time. I managed to get all A's. I was burnt the hell out but I was proud of myself. My second semester was just as rough, I was taking seven classes, working full time, juggling my finances, had stress to deal with from the very beginning because I had to go to the hospital that first week due to a kidney infection and the week after that my sister got into a very bad car accident. I was able to pull through. I got all A's except for one B+ but I have already forgiven myself for that one. I'm ready to face next semester and go into it head on.

After two semesters and now at the brink of entering my last semester at BCC, I realize that I have been going to a real school. I am so grateful to my professors, they are absolutely amazing and understanding and best of all they believe in me and that gives me air, it gives me life, and it makes me believe in myself. I am so happy and lucky to have had all this accidentally fall into my lap. It was and has been absolutely serendipitous. 

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