May 29, 2012

Adventures In Hair Coloring

I've been obsessed with having pink hair since I was in high school but I never actually brought myself to do it. My mother was never really against hair coloring, hell, she made blonde with hydrogen peroxide when I was 4! I never thought she'd let me dye my hair pink when I was younger because pink is an unnatural color and I never had the guts to do it anyway. I don't know what's got in to me this year, I think I've been getting fed up with not doing things I've always wanted to do and so one day, after lots of YouTube videos, I went into Ricky's on 17th and 8th and bought a bottle of Special Effects in Cupcake Pink.

I've been lightening my hair little by little since my birthday. I've also always had the desire to be blonde, I've tried to in the past and failed miserably but I have been fulfilling that wish thanks to L'Oreal's Excellence Hi Color in Golden Ginger. This is a dye made for people with dark hair who want to lift their hair without bleaching. I really love this line. I used to dye my hair red with his brand in Red Hot and the color was bright, saturated, and beautiful. However, I always find that it's easier to make your hair red than it is to make it blonde and so I was skeptical about the blonde version of this brand. I did it and wouldn't believe how much lift there was in my roots but my ends were still brown! My worst nightmare! It always happens to me though so I went out the next day and bought the same dye and bam! It worked better. I've been doing this every four weeks and the color has been gradually getting lighter.

After much deliberation with myself, I went to a local hair salon and went to get my ends dyed pink. I took my Special Effects Cupcake Pink with me in case they didn't have a pink hair dye, my mother assured me that since they are a salon, they should have and of course, they didn't (thanks Mom!). I went to the hair salon with this picture:

The lady at the salon gave me a horrified look! I'll never forget it. She informed me that they didn't have a pink hair dye and I told her that I had my own, she then called another lady over. Apparently, this lady was the one with the most experience with unnatural hair coloring since she had two purple curls in her hair. I showed her the picture and she goes to me "okay." She also let me know that she would not bleach my hair. She explained that since we were already dying my hair more blonde, bleaching would be unnecessary because the hair would be lighter and take the pink well. I know nothing about hair and I believed her because she's the "professional." I'm usually a go-with-the-flow person at the hair salon because I usually don't know what I want. She began with the blonde and my roots were white, I told her she needed to fix that and she assured me that she would tone it down and she did. Phew! Crisis averted! Then, she applied the pink dye. After half an hour she washed off the ends and told me that the color was faint. BOO! I was sad. The color wasn't vibrant at all. She told me to come next week and to go to a beauty supply store down the street and buy a brand named Adore and that she would put it on for me. I went to the supply store found the brand and chose Pink Rose but I didn't go back.

Special Effects Cupcake Pink that was applied at the hair salon

After inspecting my hair I realized that I could do this myself and that I was unhappy with my ends because the color was all over the place. In a way I was happy that it was so faint because you couldn't see that the color was uneven around my head. I was very happy with the brand she suggested though! I applied it myself and got this:

It was much brighter but it was also turning more red. I wanted to steer clear from red! Everyone kept telling me that it still looked nice and it did but my hair wasn't pink! Last week, I went back to the beauty supply store and bought another Adore dye in Raspberry Twist and in Aquamarine (because the hair sample was soooooo pretty). Then...I lightener.

I promised myself I would't bleach my hair because I had been bad to my hair in the past and bleached it until it turned to straw (my desire then was to be platinum blonde). However, there was no way I was going to be able to get the color I wanted without making my ends lighter. I bought a Clairol packet and added a 30 volume developer and put it on my ends. I observed the process every 5-10 minutes for an hour. I figured that I would only bleach once and get it as light as I possibly could in one sitting. I then apologized to my hair and washed it with my Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and then conditioned it with the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. I left that on for about 15 minutes. The bleached ends weren't white but they were definitely lightened and most importantly the condition of my hair was still pretty much the same as before I bleached it.

I'm very happy that the Adore hair dyes don't have any alcohol, ammonia...they have nothing, so it wouldn't damage my hair any further. I put random strands of the Aquamarine because I thought "what the hell, why shouldn't I throw some blue in there?" I wrapped it in aluminum foil and went on to Pink Rose, I added it to the top half of my ends and then I ended with Raspberry Twist and applied it to my bottom half of my ends. I left it on for about half an hour, washed it off and BAM!!!! I finally have pink hair! Here are some terrible quality pictures:

I LOVE IT! The truest to how it looks in real life is the second picture!

Here are some things I might have forgotten to mention:

  • Adore Hair Color and Special Effects hair dyes are both semi-permanent
  • Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color costs about $4.00 the MOST
  • Special Effects Hair Color runs at about $12.00 at Ricky's
  • Clairol Basic White Powder Lightener Packet was $2.49 at my local beauty supply store
  • L'Oreal Oreor Cream Developer (Volumes 20, 30, and 40) run at $4.00
  • L'Oreal Excellence HiColor High Lift Hair Color runs at about $4.00 and is a PERMANENT dye
I don't think my adventures in hair coloring are going to end anytime soon! Happy adventuring!

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