May 26, 2012

Super Kawaii: Beaucon Shimmer Blue Circle Lenses

I've always had a complex about my eyes. My mother's eyes are green but my eyes are what my best friend calls "doo doo brown," they're muddy light brown and have little hints of green. My mother's green eyes are very lovely and although I would have preferred her eyes over mine, I always favored blue irises. When I was younger I was completely against the idea of colored contacts because I always thought they looked very fake and so, I disdainfully accepted that I should learn to live with the color of my eyes. A couple of years ago, however, my obsession with K-Pop led to my discovery of circle lenses. 

Circle lenses, are contacts designed to make the iris appear larger and they come in a variety of colors, and what attracted me to them was that they didn't look fake. You can tell of course that the eye seems enlarged but the color almost always meshed seamlessly with the natural eye color of the person wearing them. K-Pop has become so popular in recent years and I've noticed that so have circle lenses. They aren't so difficult to come by now but if you're blind as bat, like me, then yes you'll have problems finding prescription circle lenses. Luckily, a coworker of mine told me about, a site that sells prescription and non-prescription circle lenses. I found the site and did as much research as I could about how natural the fake eye color will look over your natural eye color and I came across the Beaucon Shimmer series. I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. I initially bought the green contacts and I just recently received my blue ones. I love them both! 

Here are some pictures:

Sorry about how fugnasty I look here! Here's me wearing the blue contact and my natural eye. No flash.

Again, I apologize about my appearance! This one here is with flash!

Now with makeup! 
Now with better quality!
To me, the blue ones sometimes look more green and the green ones I own look more gray. I'm okay with this because in the right light they look blue and they don't look insanely fake. If you're looking into more natural circle lenses, I definitely recommend the Beaucon Shimmer series! 

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