April 20, 2012


Oh yessss! I made time to sneak off and try to buy as much stuff as I could in the little bit of time I was given! I've already played around with some of these things and I can't wait to have more time to ONLY play with them!!! ^_^

I love these buttons...They're very suggestive...of my makeup skills! Haha!

I was really happy to find out that Miss Adoro was there, they had a deal for 12 lashes for $24.00 (including the fantasy lashes). Here are three...

Three more... 100% human hair!

My favorite ones have to be the #WSP ones here...

I wish I had bought more!

Oh! This one too!

Naked Cosmetics Stack in Mother Nature (these were 2 stacks for $50.00)

Naked Cosmetics Stack in Naturally Nude

Lit Cosmetics...GLITTERRRR!!!! All of this was $40.00 including a fan that is not photographed here. One full size bottle of the Glitter base, a travel size water-resistant glitter base, a brush, a sparkle duster, and 4 glitters!

This is Marilyn Monroe in the bigger cut



Soul Sister

NYX Black Label lipsticks. These were $4.00 each.

Tea Tree Blotting Paper for my problematic skin :(...this was $3.00??? Don't remember!

I also bought these nifty Nail Wraps from Miss Adoro. The clear ones amp up your regular nail polish without you slaving over your nail art brushes and I bought cute little skull ones too ^_^
I'm glad I was able to participate in IMATS in NY this year! I hope that I can go to LA and stock up on some more stuff!!! :)



As you may or may not know, I work for Inglot and during trade show season some of us Inglots (haha) from the Times Square store (our flagship and where I began working) and from Chelsea Market (our "pro studio" and where I currently work) attend the trade shows to sell to the masses! I really wanted to go to IMATS, not to sell but mostly because I wanted to shop all the other brands! (Don't tell on me!)

The first day was insane! I could hardly walk out of the booth because we were bombarded with people. We tried our best to get to people in a timely fashion but I have to say many people were rude to us because it was taking so long to attend everyone. I try to take these things with a grain of salt because I understand that waiting is annoying but you have to imagine us trying to help a handful of people all at the same time without losing our minds and trying to attend all those people who showed up after those people who had already been waiting. After a while we got it under control and were able to move a lot more smoothly and everyone was happy...except for those times when we were out of stock of some items!

I saw many YouTube beauty gurus! I saw Julie G from JulieG713, Nikkie from NikkieTutotials, Jean Francois from JeanFrancoisCD, Lauren from Queen of Blending, and I think that was it. I also met the colorful and beautiful Amy/Shrinkle from duh Sugarpill and her lovely and equally bright sister Sarah!  I just wanted to put them in my pocket, put them in a snow globe, keep the snow globe in my closet and whenever I was feeling sad look at how bright it was and be happy. The thing about that is, that then no one could buy Shrinkle clothing and Sugarpill makeup so I nipped that plan in the bud and took a picture with them instead! You're welcome!

Day 2 came by it was a lot more calm than Day 1! Not so crowded and then I escaped as many times as I could to buy stuff! Anywho...without further ado:

This is what it looked like when I got in!

I got there late in the beginning, this is the crowd beginning to form!

Hayden and Heide helping!

Heide and I being silly!

Stephanie, Raymond, and Melissa after the craziness of Day 1

People were excited and broke our price list sign :( haha! 

Exhibitor Pass!

IMATS Look Day 2. Tako, Afterparty, Royal Sugar, and some random black.

After the lovely Jodie owner/creator of  Lit Cosmetics  got to my eyes and made them glitterific!

Later on at Mercury Bar with my newly acquired Peter Pan Collar and Bow Earrings!


Oh NOOO! The nail enamel thing broke too! Haha! Enthusiastic shoppers!

Also at the entrance. IMATS IN ALL ITS GLORY!

We headed back to Times Square after the first day and we saw this baby and her baby carriage decked out in rhinestones and in tulle...she was pretty cool.

Me (no makeups FAIL lol), Stephanie, Amy and Sarah! They're so cute and we're so...not bright! 
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