January 05, 2012

Super Kawaii: Circle Lenses!


I have been trying to get around to this post for a while! I finally did it! I FINALLY ordered my circle lenses! Yay!!


You don't know what circle lenses are?!

I don't remember the first time I saw circle lenses but I'm pretty sure that it was when K-Pop started to invade my life. These contact lenses are very similar to the contact lenses sold here in the US, the only difference is that circle lenses are colored way outside our natural irises, this in turn gives the illusion of a wider iris. It's a very big trend in Asia for girls to appear doll-like and circle lenses helps these girls achieve this look.

I thought about it for a long time and scoured the streets in Queens for these lenses but unfortunately I can't buy them there because they don't have prescriptions and I'm blind as a bat. Then I found! It's a website that sells circle lenses with prescriptions! I thought about it long and hard before I ordered anything because I didn't want my eyes to look super fake. I looked at the photo reviews and I saw someone wearing the Beacon Shimmer Green and I thought they looked pretty natural. Then I waited some more and then one day I decided to get them.

They come with the cutest Piggy or Hippo case to store your lenses!

The lenses come in a glass vial. I got two lenses for $25.00 and then the shipping charge.

Me and my nephew. They look pretty natural.

Solo shot with my lenses.
I've heard horror stories of people opening up their vials and cutting themselves with the metal but I had no trouble breaking the metal seal. I didn't have any problems putting the lenses on. The first time I did notice that they felt a little sandy (maybe my hands still had residue) but I wet them again with my solution and they were fine. I have noticed that my eyes dry faster than when I'm wearing my clear contacts.

I've worn them a couple more times and nothing has happened to my eyes. I know there are concerns because the lenses are made outside of the US and they aren't regulated here. I have heard that is the way to go though and I haven't been disappointed yet. I plan on ordering gray ones next time!

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