October 08, 2011

First Impressions: Cargo Metallico Eyes

A long, long time ago when I worked at Sephora, the brand I used to oversee was Cargo. Cargo was such a nice little brand and then POOF they phased it out of Sephora. We didn't know why and it turned out that they stayed in the Sephoras (as in plural lol) at JC Penney, Ulta, and now the Macy's Impulse Section.

Yesterday, I was working at Macy's because Inglot is now available there (and I have to go where the send me =P) and right across from me I saw this eye shadow palette on the Cargo gondola. I swore to myself that I wouldn't buy any eye shadow because I have every color imaginable and if I don't then I'm pretty damn sure I can make it but I don't have this GLITTERY, SPARKLY STUFF!!! I DIE for glitter and I DIE even more if it's easier to apply. The whole day I was there I kept eyeing this palette and then I finally willed myself over to the gondola and swatched it. I had to have it!

These will look beautiful wet and dry! They will look beautiful on top of other colors to create more dimension! Oh! ALL THE HOLIDAY LOOKS THAT CAN BE (AND WILL BE) CREATED!!! ^_^

These sort of remind me of this limited edition Stila palette (I think it was From Dust to Diamonds or something of the sort) that came out about two years ago and that I kick myself over and over again for not getting! These shadows are really soft so if you're going to layer them on top of eye shadow I say just use your finger!

The neat thing is that it came with a little clutch and a double ended brush. One side is an angle brush which, I can never have enough of and the other side is a small shader brush. The set was $39.00.

I can't wait to start using this stuff!!! *SQUEALS*

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