September 23, 2011

Depotting/Storage and Make Up For Ever Magnetic Palettes

Last night, my MacBook Pro crapped out on me. I was highly upset (-_-  this line face does not even come close to how angry I was) because I got in April! I made an appointment (or got an appointment made for me since I was too angry about the whole situation) for this morning before I headed to work. Turns out I need a new hard drive. Go figure. Whatever, I have Apple Care so it's gonna be okay (IT BETTER BE *STARES AT APPLE*). I was so bummed about the whole thing that I took myself on a trip to the Make Up For Ever Studio down on East 12th Street.

I had gone to Make Up For Ever a couple weeks ago and got my Backstage Card which, gives me to a 40%  off discount on all MUFE products (YAY!). The last time I was there, I got a magnetic palette to put all my depotted/loose eyeshadows that I had laying around. You might not remember but, a couple posts ago I wrote about Z Palettes and how convenient they are and all that jazz. Well...these magnetic palettes are better! First of all, I feel like they're bigger but more compact (oxymoron but that's what my brain thinks) than the Z Palette.

I feel like they're more sturdy. Unlike the Z Palette, which kinda flaps open sometimes, the MUFE magnetic palette seals shut. I like that it has a plastic sheet on the inside to protect your products. It's also made of metal which is much more sturdy than the cardboard of the Z Palette. The biggest plus for me about these palettes is that they're half the price of a Z Palette! They only cost $10.00 a pop and that's without the discount!

These are definitely much better for freelancers! They most likely will take more bangs than the Z Palette but then rough do you plan on banging up your makeup? 

Here's how much they hold and I still have some space in that other palette!

If you can get your hands on these buy 10! Haha! I think I need one more and I should be set! I've got 5 so far!

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