September 07, 2011

Depotting and Z Palettes!

Not everyone gets depotting. Some people prefer bulky, unnecessary packaging and some people don't. I like it because it takes up less space in my house, because I can see all my product and that means I use it, and because I can take different products from different brands around to freelance (whenever that may be).

I have so many palettes and I feel like there are certain colors I could use more often if all my other palettes weren't all hiding each other. I'll be honest and I have admitted it before that I am attracted to packaging but I've noticed that packaging is impractical. I'm a junkie, I shop for things because they're limited edition or because they look cute and then I end up with things I don't use because I keep buying more cute things.

In an effort to condense I started to depot things.

Also before I show you pictures...

I know technically you're supposed to throw out old makeup but I have always felt that this does not apply to eyeshadow. Ahem...don't judge me.

I have had this palette for a while. This is the original Urban Decay Book of Shadows!

See what I mean? I don't need all this stuff! It's a pretty big box and the mirror was broken :(

Two of My Z Palettes and the new empty one!

Since the box was made out of cardboard it was pretty easy to wedge the shadows out since they're glued in. I used a spatula I got from work.

No one wants cardboard on their eyeshadow pan...

so I used a little bit of olive oil to get the glue that was holding the cardboard onto the pan.

Writing the name on the back of the pan is helpful so you always know what eyeshadow you're using!

This is how it fits on the Z Palette.

These are shadows from three different Urban Decay Palettes! (The Book of Shadows, The Get Baked Palette, and the Foreshadow Palette)

I like that three of my UD palettes fit into this one little thing. I like the Z Palette but I also feel that it's a little expensive at $20 a pop. They're also hard to find so unless you live near a professional make up store you will probably end up ordering online (which means SHIPPING COSTS! LOL). I've found an alternative to the Z Palette though...but that's another post . ~_^

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